Africa is at a turning point as it has initiated a strategic transformation in the context of rapid advances in technology, an increase in digital audiences and a resilient economy.

The Continent is moving forward confidently thanks to a culture of innovation, the emergence of new promising sectors and the diversification of its partnerships.

In response to an ever-growing integration and an ongoing cultural rebirth, it proves crucial to rethink African media, to secure a strong positioning in those evolving markets and develop networks of influence.

In 2020, African countries were more connected to the web and social media than ever, and Africa was the continent with the highest growth of internet users, with Central Africa at the top (+21.3%), followed by West Africa (17.2%)*.

*Digital 2021 report by We Are Social and Hootsuite released in January 2021

The move towards an all-digital environment will bring about a never-seen-before development throughout the continent. There is a clear link between digital transformation, growth in digital audiences and widening of influence to support the ambitions of African economic and institutional actors.

Aware of this potential and this reality, NCA Holding aims to become an agent of change through three areas of action:


Africa is on the brink of undergoing a media revolution that will involve a new generation of digital media offering innovative and targeted formats


Africa is moving towards a digital economy, and it is essential to target today the users of tomorrow


Africa is taking its place in the global market, and it is crucial to secure a solid positioning by mastering the keys of influence via powerful networks


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