News Com Africa (NCA Holding) is an all-African company specialised in media and communication development.
NCA Holding stands as a leading operator for a global action and an effective transformation in the fields of information, communication, and influence on an ever-changing African continent.

NCA Holding targets three distinct yet complementary areas : media development and promotion, audience growth and targeting as well as influence strategies.

Having its headquarters in Rabat and two representative offices in Dakar and Brussels, the scope of NCA Holding’s actions stretches from Africa to Europe.

Our Organisation

News Com Africa is a limited liability company structured as a Holding. Its activities are managed by dedicated subsidiaries for guaranteed efficiency and success.

Each area of activity is completely independent, with specific yet complementary management, teams and targets leveraging synergies, which help consolidate actions, goals and results at the level of each entity.


+212 530 24 10 15
12, rue Zerhoun, Souissi, Rabat
Rue MZ 81 96 Mermoz Pyrotechnie, Dakar
55 Rue Wayez ANDERLECHT 1070, Bruxelles

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